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all right time to clean this basement up

then we’re going to prime and then we’re

going to top coat

floors are easy but you want to make

sure that you get all that dust dirt

grime and mess up off this floor this is

a huge 4 000 square foot floor that

we’re gonna do it’s all continuous and

connecting and i’m gonna show you how to

do it with two guys in a matter of days

it’s simple it’s a lot of work but the

steps are easy all right this is gonna

be a cool little bunk room i can’t wait

to show you here we go

all right my buddy brandon and my

brother matt helped me clean this floor

which was the first step make sure you

sweep get all the dust and then vacuum

it up

show me vacuum step

next step is to mix the epoxy for my


cutting in the perimeter first

we’re doing a seal coat the sun went

down a long time ago


we’re gonna add metallic why do you add

metallic you want black underneath just

about any color it magnifies and

accentuates it and makes it look deep

and basically really good

that’s the exact amount you want right

there metallics is how i tint my foreign

epoxy because it looks like a floor

should it’s not spray paint it’s not dye

we’re not making it look all like stone

we’re doing a coating of metallic

infused epoxy let’s go

make sure you mix your metallics

thoroughly so you avoid any clumps

yeah so what i do

around the door trim

is use a brush

because you can cut it in where you

don’t get trim all messy

i use a two inch cut-in brush around my

woodwork and a small six-inch weenie

roller around the perimeter and a large

roller to do the field

remember i’m just doing a seal coat on

this step so i’m applying a thin coat

with black metallics added

and just go over each area multiple

times so you get an even coat remember

don’t put it on too thick

if the seal coat is applied thin enough

the air can escape and it won’t get

trapped therefore you won’t have a bunch

of bubbles to sand out the next day

having multiple people help me allowed

us to apply and mix all at the same time

so we were never waiting on more

material mixing is half the battle all

right let’s finish the seal coat and

we’ll wrap it up for the evening

all right when i came back the next day

i did have a few air bubbles that are

easy to sand out using basically a

drywall sander and a little bit heavier

grit i like to use about 120 grit

sandpaper and just pop any bubbles but

because we were within that 24 hour

period we were able to simply just mix

and apply the top coat as opposed to

sanding the entire floor i just needed

to knock down those bubbles that’s key

apply it before that 24-hour window ends

and you don’t need to sand the entire

floor because it’s still cross linking

and it will bond beautifully

when applying the second coat of epoxy

i’m going to pour my bucket out and

focus on the perimeter first i’ll use my

magic trout to push the material right

into the perimeter and then i’ll focus

on the field i’ll use the magic trial

just to go back and forth covering the

field working my way out of each room

plan your room so you don’t paint

yourself into a corner


i’m using two different colors white and

black metallic i pour out a ribbon of

white and then a ribbon of black and

then trowel them out


so there’s three ways to use this this

is your magic trowel

it’s angled

see that

so you can pull to you

you can scoop it back by flipping it and

scoop it back

and then you can pull it upside down

so when i’m trying to go into corners

i can push a big blob over there

turn it and then just pull it down that


i start at the walls

and then i pull the field

it’s really one two three

upside down

right side up forward back you don’t

want to try to go forward with the right

side up it sticks if you’re going to go

forward turn it upside down and push

like a shovel now you’re trained you’re

a journeyman thank you all right set

that up


when i get into the large portions of

the great rooms you can see that i’m not

going in straight lines like a lawn

mower i’m actually going in organic

movements the reason i’m doing that is

so it doesn’t look like it was man-made

mother nature is organic it’s

free-flowing and that’s what i’m doing

we have

the inspector on site all right we’ve

got the

second coat on

looks really really good

i love this look now it’s time

for the ultimate top coat the ultimate

top coat is going to give us superior

scratch resistance it’s going to make

this floor look like a natural sheen

instead of a super high gloss and we’re

going to add that ultimate top coat so

that this floor is scratch resistant

for years and years to come man i love

the organic look and the flow that we

did by adding two colors black and white

and simply putting them out segregated a

row of black and a row of white and

melding them together by using that

magic trowel you get this look it

couldn’t have been easier it’s a lot of

labor but the technique was simple all

right let’s do the top coat right now

when applying my flooring top coat i’m

simply adding it thick and then i’ll

come back and back roll it to get the

material a little bit thin but still

have even full coverage over the entire

floor you don’t want to leave any undone

spots because then you’ll see some

shininess pushing through and you’ll see

some lap lines but if you do your

strokes overlapping themselves using a

one quarter inch nine inch roller in

this case i went ahead and used some

tape and got rid of any loose fibers off

that roller prior to applying my top

coat and look at the end result i went

ahead and recorded this live check it

out behind the scenes i’m on a wi-fi

signal right here on this job site this

was all just uh

glued down carpet

you gotta see this

look at this basement

look at the floor here i really love how

it came out all i did is use two

metallics i used

white and i used black

and this floor is just

beautiful look at that

look at that floor

just love the feeling down here it’s

really cool we’re gonna do a wood stove


we’re gonna do a theater

theater down here

the garage is not quite dry so i’m not

gonna walk on that yet

okay this is gonna be where we put some

gym equipment in here

remember the steps were simple first we

cleaned everything up vacuumed all of

the dust we mixed our materials and cut

in the perimeter we added our seal coat

added the flood coat with two different

colors white and black and then simply

did the ultimate top coat i hope you

enjoyed this video remember until next

time from stonecoat countertops you got

this i’ll see you

on the next video


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