My Wife Hates My Furniture

My wife asked for one table, so I made her ten… She wasn’t thrilled with what I came up with.
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Snodgrass bandsaw video:

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Items used in this video:
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LED Hardwax Oil:
Festool Big Router:
Corner Clamp Brace:
Vac Bag Film:
Bleeder Cloth:
Vacuum Catch Pot:
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Peel Ply:
Vacuum Bagging Kit:
Deep Pour Epoxy:
Miter Saw Hold Down:
Rotex 150 Sander:
Light Bar:
Oliver Planer:
Oliver Jointer:
Respirator helmet:
Threaded Inserts:
Parallel Clamp:
Festool 150 Sander:
Festool Planer:
Festool Router (Medium):
Miter Saw:
Furniture Bolts:
Track Saw (smaller):
Rotex 150 Sander:
Respirator helmet:

00:00 Introduction
01:47 Making the patterns
03:17 I’m the poor one?
04:41 New improved denim process
05:46 Solid wood table base(s)
07:31 Removing from the vacuum bag
08:04 Giving away one of my builds
10:13 Modifying the bases
13:00 Relatable problem?
13:50 Old process vs new
14:59 XXL Bandsaw cut
17:02 Hand plane vs jointer
19:03 This really made the base
20:54 Surfacing 11 denim tops
22:08 Surfacing recap
23:43 This was hard to admit
25:56 Bandsaw taper
26:53 "Perfect" hole
30:05 Bandsaw circle jig
32:08 Finishing process
33:26 N3 picked up by Woodcraft
34:21 Table "tasting" with my wife

Author: Rich