Router inlays | Who knew it could be that easy!?

In this video, I’m sharing a foolproof method for creating perfect router inlays using templates. First an epoxy inlay of a paw print, then a wood on wood inlay using a ‘pig profile’ router inlay template. The secret is to use guide bushings or a router inlay kit. Plus, I’ll also do some router table template routing to create a curved charcuterie board handle.

Pig profile
Paw print
Charcuterie board handle

►TOOLS & MATERIALS USED (affiliate links):
· Router Templates
· Template tape
· Guide bushing set
· Router inlay kit
· Router base centering cone
· Bosch router adapter kit
· Bosch router
· Diamond fast epoxy
· Roundover bit
· Straight bit
· Spiral flush trim bit for template routing


My Tools & Gear


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►Router table kickback safety video by J. Katz-Moses

0:00 Intro
0:11 Router guide bushings explained
1:02 Epoxy inlay – prep & cutting (PAW PRINT)
3:57 Epoxy inlay – filling
5:15 Charcuterie board handle template routing
7:30 Charcuterie board finishing process
8:36 Router inlay kits explained
9:27 Wood on wood inlay (PIG PROFILE)
15:29 Pig cutting board – shaping & finishing
16:39 Get the router inlay templates

Author: Rich