Should you buy a laser engraver? Or is it just a waste of money

►Why I upgraded my laser
Have you ever thought about buying a laser engraver or laser cutter? Don’t fall into the same trap that I did! Here are 6 things you should know before buying a laser engraver. An honest review from an xTool D1 pro 20w diode laser owner. If you think lasers are a waste of money, well… maybe not, but there are definitely things to consider before diving right in. Learn the truth about laser cutters in this video.

►TOOLS USED (affiliate links):
· xTool D1 Pro
· Honeycomb bed
· Air assist
· In-line duct fan
· Exhaust ducting
· Exhaust flanges
· Surge protector
· Dewalt shop stool


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0:00 Intro
0:25 The smell / fumes
1:40 My laser enclosure and setup
3:00 Costs – laser and accessory costs in detail
7:12 Diode laser limitations
8:29 Time consuming
9:18 Safety concerns
10:15 Should I ditch the laser?
11:10 Learning curve – Test project 3D logo

Author: Rich