Your router can do this too

In this video, you’ll see how easy it can be to make bowls and trays using a router. With the right router bits, like a bowl bit, your router can do this too! You can carve any shape or size serving tray or dish. I’ll walk you through all the bits you need to make router trays. Plus, show you how to make a custom router base plate for your router using a sheet of acrylic. Want to make the exact same 4 compartment serving tray that I did? Grab the template through the link below!


4 Compartment Round Serving Tray Router Template

All my router templates:

►TOOLS & MATERIALS USED (affiliate links):
· Template tape
· Acrylic sheet for router base
· Bosch router
· Cutting board oil
· Butcher block conditioner
· Drill sanding attachment
Router bits:
· Bowl & tray bit
· Shallow flush trim plunge bit
· Spiral flush trim bit for template routing
· Roundover bit
· Spiral bit
· Guide bushing set
· Router collet extender


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0:00 Router template & Template tape
0:41 All the bits you’ll need
1:38 Guide bushings
2:36 Carving the bowl/tray – start here
3:47 Custom router base plate (clear acrylic)
5:26 Remove the waste with a plunge flush trim bit
6:47 Refine the inner shape with a bowl bit
7:29 Sanding inside the tray
8:08 Cut the outer circle
8:30 Flush trim the outer circle
9:28 Round over all the edges
9:56 Finishing the serving tray
10:38 Get the template

Author: Rich