Anuri 16 Carbon Fibre Kayak Kit Stability Test

We asked our expert paddler to paddle the Anuri 16 build your own kit and test the stability and performance in different manoeuvres and made videos of the results. This kayak is BS 1088 mahogany marine plywood with a Carbon Fibre Deck weighing 43 pounds at 16 feet in length. The kit build time is approximately 120 hours for a new builder using the stitch and glue technique using epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth. The Anuri is a high performance kayak with an aggressive water line, hard chine and contoured deck which makes it fast and easy to control in different situations. We wanted to create a verdict on the stability and efficiency of this kayak, the videos will be posted.

Timber Boatworks offers build your own kits in recreational, light touring, touring and performance kayaks, canoes and paddleboards. The Anuri is a performance kayak, that offers the most capability, efficiency, carry capacity, manoeuvrability without compromising stability, durability or price.

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Author: Rich