How To Apply Epifanes Rubbed Effect Satin Varnish | A Non Gloss Interior Varnish

In this video we go through the basics of how to apply Epifanes rubbed effect varnish. This varnish is designed to be applied over an existing base and gives a hard wearing, satin finish that is resistant to most mild household cleaning products. That makes it perfect for a subtle satin finish to the woodwork in your galley or yacht interior where a full gloss finish may not be desired.

The finish of this product is quite susceptible to marking if good wet edge practice is not adhered to and so we also look at some tips for maintaining that throughout application to get a good flawless finish.

The Epifanes rubbed effect varnish is a urethane/alkyd hybrid single part marine varnish that is suitable for a wide range of interior wood finishing applications.

If you have any questions about the application or use of this product then drop a comment below the video and I will do my best to help answer your questions.

0:00 – Typical properties
1:56 – Initial prep
1:40 – Brush application
3:52 – Managing wet edges
9:10 – Additional info


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