How To Spray Epifanes PU Speedcoat Varnish | A High Gloss Two Part Clear Spray Varnish Quick Guide

In this video I show how to prepare your surface following the application of an Epifanes PP base. Then we mix and thin the Epifanes PU speedcoat varnish, take a look at spray gun settings and then spray application.

The Epifanes PU speedcoat varnish is a high gloss clear varnish designed for spray application only. It offers excellent UV and scratch resistance. It can be built very quickly with fast thinner flash off times and overcoating can be done as quickly as 1 hour between coats.

If you have any questions about the application or use of this product then drop a comment below the video and I will do my best to help answer your questions.

0:00 – Typical properties
0:54 – Initial surface prep
1:35 – Mixing
2:39 – Spray gun settings
4:00 – Application


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