Vacuum Bagging Cold Moulded Planking Layer 2 | Temptress 1/4 Scale Boat Build Part 20

In this video we apply the second layer of cold moulded planking to the Temptress model. For this layer I am using the vacuum baggie process to consolidate the planking layers and clamp them down into place. We go through the process of doing this and I explain how the vacuum baggie process works

In the next video I will move on to the topside batten installation as I continue to progress with planking layers 3 and 4.

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In this series I am building a 6′ model version of our new boat design Temptress. The reason for building the boat in that size is so that I can show the process, exactly the same as it will be for the full size boat with everything scaled down. It will offer a full tutorial on how to build the boat, be a test run for myself and also give me a demo model that I can take to boat shows.

Plans are available to buy for both the full size boat and a simplified, slot together, plywood scale model plan set. Note that in this video series I am working from the full size boat plans. For details on the scale model plan set, take a look at this video:

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0:00 Introduction
2:30 Epoxy coating layer 1
10:28 Cutting planking layer 2
13:44 What is vacuum bagging?
18:30 Installing the bag
25:32 The pump setup
29:25 Glue up
44:21 Clean up
51:20 What’s next?

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