A New Style of Workbench


READ BELOW TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS BENCH… **** Thanks to Britton Timbers for supplying the Hard Maple – https://brittontimbers.com.au/ **** Patreon Videos (click on the link to watch a preview before joining) – Roubo Workbench Review (45mins) – https://bit.ly/46FBDhb – 12 Part Roubo Series – https://bit.ly/45DyoFS – How To Pop The Grain (25mins) – https://bit.ly/3s395PI – Roubo SketchUp File – https://bit.ly/46WKcEe – About Patreon –   / about   – Steam Bending (19.34)- https://bit.ly/3CYXz9S – How To Charge For Designs Upfront (15.36)- https://bit.ly/3rcmpjT – Curved Bench Seat with Voiceover (22.31) – https://bit.ly/44ALe7J – Sculpting Furniture Tips (8.29) – https://bit.ly/46EYuKn – Starting A Woodworking Business (11.47) – https://bit.ly/3JN7002 – How To Get Clients (16.15) – https://bit.ly/3PKkZHK – How I Design Furniture (16.45) – https://bit.ly/3pBWDoQ – Shop Tour (38.48) – https://bit.ly/43bE1Kc – Slab Master Review (3.59) – https://bit.ly/43dRn8z **** This Roubo Workbench is one of the most complex pieces Ive ever made and by no means was that intentional. I though it would be done in a matter of weeks yet it took two and a half months of non stop construction. Not to mention the amount of time planning and editing. But all the features turned out as I’d hoped if not better. This bench takes full advantage of the standard tail vise and leg vise but also incorporates a moxon vise, shoulder vice and pattern makers vise, as well as a pop up gap stop and a hidden wheel system which isn’t common on a bench like this. Even though this workbench is quite over the top, as mentioned in the video this bench was an exploration of ideas as well as an enjoyable process in which I’ll always remember. Shop furniture doesn’t always have to be quick and to the point, it can also be an experience. One of my main objectives with this bench is to hopefully trigger ideas within yourself to maybe incorporate into your own workflow . As always thank you so much for your support here on YouTube. The fact that you even watch my videos means I can continue to make more unique builds and share them with you. And if you haven’t already, please consider subscribing as this will help my videos to get pushed out to more and more people. Now you hear me talk about Patreon a lot. It’s actually the main way that I can financially support this channel and continue to provide free videos here on YouTube. If you’re still not sure about it, then you can watch this short video which will outline all the extra content you can gain exclusive access too.   / about   **** Featured Australian Designer/Maker – Darren Oates – Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/@darrenoatesf… – Instagram –   / darrenoatesfinefurniture   **** A big thank to Leeroy from Reading Furniture for the CNC work. Be sure to check out his website – Website – https://www.readingfurniture.com.au/ – Instagram-   / reading_furniture   Thank you to Marc Spagnuolo and Lost Art Press for the reference images And a big thank you to Jon from Lincoln Street Woodworks for his impeccable acting skills. Hollywood is calling! **** Standard Questions- – What finish do I use – Fiddes Hardwax Oil in white and Matt (link below) – What glues do I use – Titebond 3 https://geni.us/TcF0Guq – What dusk mask do I uses – https://geni.us/BhAAmJK Tools and Products used in this video (affiliate links) – – Motorcycle Lift – https://geni.us/Uyus – Pattern Makers Vice – https://geni.us/oiZpR – CA Glue with accelerator – https://geni.us/371UghP – Fiddes Oil – https://www.fiddesaustralia.com/pedulla/ – All Other Products I Use – https://kit.co/nickpedulla Hardware used in this video (not affiliate links, not sponsored) – High Vise Mounting Screw- https://benchcrafted.com/products/hi-… – Tail Vise- https://benchcrafted.com/products/tai… – Leg Vise- https://benchcrafted.com/products/gli… – Blum Tip On for Doors- https://www.blum.com/au/en/products/m… Camera Gear I Use (affiliate links)- – Video Camera – https://geni.us/F3jov – Photography Camera – https://geni.us/lw9Om – Lighting Amaran 100D – https://geni.us/gmwz – Lighting Amaran 200D (more powerful) – https://geni.us/DpKM Designed, built, filmed and edited by Nick Pedulla from Pedulla Studio Music from www.epidemicsound.com #woodworking #woodwork #furniture making FOLLOW HERE: Website – https://pedullastudio.com.au/ Instagram –   / pedullastudio   Gear I use – https://kit.co/nickpedulla Patreon –   / pedullastudio  

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