Bandsaws are too easy!!! Make the round table top with basic tools.

Every table needs a top and every hand tool woodworker can use these skills.
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You need a workbench!!!!

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The Incredible English Joiner’s Bench: A REAL bench that a beginner can build.

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Wood Work for Humans Tool List (affiliate):
Gyokucho Ryoba Saw:
Dewalt Panel Saw:
Suizan Dozuki Handsaw:
(Winner of the affordable dovetail-saw shootout.)
Spear and Jackson Tenon Saw:
(Needs tune-up to work well.)
Crown Tenon Saw:
(Works out of the box)
Carving Knife:
Narex True Imperial Chisels:
(My favorite affordable new chisels.)
Blue-Handled Marples Chisels:
(I use these to make the DIY specialty planes, but I also like them for general work.)

Honing Guide:
Norton Coarse/Fine Oil Stone:
Natural Arkansas Fine Oil Stone:
Green buffing compound:

*Marking and Measuring*
Stockman Knife:
(For marking and the built-in awl).
Speed Square:
Stanley Marking Knife:
(Excellent, inexpensive marking knife.)
Blue Kreg measuring jig:
Round-head Protractor:

Forstener Bits:
Spade Bits:

Orange F Clamps:
Screw Clamp:

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0:00 Intro
3:24 Spoke Shave
5:03 Making the Notches
9:40 Attaching the Cleat
11:14 Final Assembly
13:06 Outro

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Author: Rich