PEDULLA STUDIO | Building a Walnut Bookcase with Mortise and Tenons

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This Walnut Bookcase shows off a window that exposes the edge of each shelf which wraps perfectly around its upright, leaving absolutely no room for error.
The split shelf design not only adds to the light feel of the overall piece, but has been specifically designed with seasonal movement in mind. Due to the accuracy of each component of this bookcase, it’s vital to ensure that when the timber expands and contracts, that it moves into the centre of the shelves and not affect the accurate detailing of the relationship between the edges of the shelf and the detail of the uprights. This has been achieved by using M8 bolts with threaded inserts and elongated holes located towards the centre of each shelf support.
This piece is a perfect example of the evolution of a design. Originally designed without the windows on the uprights, the Maple wedges in the tenon’s were positioned horizontally which is the correct orientation given the grain direction. After adding the window and noticing the small amount of material left above the mortise, the wedges were moved vertically, acting more as an inlay rather than a structural wedge. The vertical inlays also looked more aesthetically pleasing than having them horizontal.
Made specifically for a client who has an extensive collection of books who not only wants to store his prized possessions but also wants to show them off. The slanted shelves are designed for larger books at the bottom and progressively get smaller with each row, allowing books of all sizes to be displayed without getting lost.
The Walnut Bookcase is designed to fully come apart using mechanical fixings for ease of transport.

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Designed, built, filmed and edited by Nick Pedulla from Pedulla Studio

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