PEDULLA STUDIO | Building a Writing Desk with Copper Leaf Shadow Lines

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This writing desk is made from Victorian Ash and uses copper leaf to accent the shadow lines.
Every component to this writing desk works closely with one another, so I’ve edited this video into each component, Desk Top, Legs, Rails etc, jumping back and forth showing how each part works with the next.
The legs have been designed as through legs, finishing flush with the table top exposing the quarter sawn end grain of the Victorian Ash. A small gap between the edges acts as a shadow line but also allows for seasonal movement.
Another shadow line runs along the sides and front of the writing desk, the gilded copper foil creates yet another texture. The copper colour accents the lightness of the Victorian Ash while also giving a contrasting divide between the desktop and the hand carved rails.
The texture in the rails have been hand carved, then joined onto smoothly shaped legs, providing a textural difference that’s not only appealing to the eye but also to the touch.

When creating the curved template for the top and front rail, you will notice that I use a router bit that is just over 12.5mm thick to create the top and bottom curve. At this point the top and bottom templates are at a different radius to each other due to the amount of material removed, so I replace the removed material with a piece of wood that is the same thickness as the router bit. This provides a top and bottom template with the exact same radius. Now when this curve is transferred onto the top and front rails, they both fit perfectly together.

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Designed, built, filmed and edited by Nick Pedulla from Pedulla Studio

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