ULTIMATE EASY Router Table Build!

Basic Woodworking Router Table Plan

We broke our old router table, so we build this super simple Easy Router Table. This project goes super fast, and is very easy to assemble. With basic joinery and and techniques, a heavy top, and tons of storage, it would make for a great addition to any shop! BASIC WOODWORKING ROUTER TABLE PLAN – https://bit.ly/JM_RouterTable2023 NEW ROUTER BUNDLE- SAVE $10 – https://bit.ly/JM_RouterBundle SQUIRRELLY STICKS – https://bit.ly/JM_SquirrellyYT SPONSORED BY WOODCRAFT – http://bit.ly/JM2021_Woodcraft If you like this project you should check out these other shop projects! – 3 LEVELS of Shop Carts – DIY to PRO Build –    • 3 LEVELS of Shop Carts – DIY to PRO B…   – 3 LEVELS of Sawhorses: DIY to PRO Build –    • 3 LEVELS of Sawhorses: DIY to PRO Build   – ULTIMATE Woodworking Workbench Build with INSANE Geared Vices! –    • ULTIMATE Woodworking Workbench Build …   – ULTIMATE Shop Storage Cabinet Build –    • ULTIMATE Shop Storage Cabinet Build   If you love the channel, check these videos out too! – 5 EPOXY Tips I Wish I Knew As A Beginner! –    • 5  EPOXY Tips I Wish I Knew As A Begi…   – 10 EPOXY Mistakes Beginners Make –    • 10 EPOXY Mistakes Beginners Make   – I Make a Guitar From BULLETS & EPOXY for Mat Best –    • I Make a Guitar From BULLETS & EPOXY …   MERCHANDISE – https://shop.johnmalecki.com/ PLANS – https://www.johnmalecki.com/digital-p… SAFETY GLASSES – https://geni.us/4h6xaM (Amazon) Proudly Supported By: Woodcraft – http://bit.ly/JM2021_Woodcraft Timberland PRO – http://bit.ly/JM_TimberlandPRO PIT BOSS – https://bit.ly/30Q9AeB Lincoln Electric – http://bit.ly/JM_Lincoln MAVERICK ABRASIVES – http://bit.ly/Maverick_JM. SAVE 10%- CODE: MALECKI10 BITS & BITS – https://bit.ly/JM-Bits CODE – MALECKI15 = 15% Off My Top Tools and Product Affiliates Woodworking Tools – https://kit.co/JohnMaleckiBuilds/wood… Metalworking Tools – https://kit.co/JohnMaleckiBuilds/meta… Favorite Finishes – https://kit.co/JohnMaleckiBuilds/fini… My Camera Gear – https://kit.co/JohnMaleckiBuilds/came… #RouterTable #EasyShopProject #BasicWoodworking

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