Why don’t people use these for floating shelves?

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Three ways to build simple, strong floating shelves. From beginner to advanced.

🔴Products Featured in Video
PEC Squares – https://pec.tools/product-category/squares/double-squares/
Beginner Shelf Brackets – https://geni.us/CnIIJ
Stud finder with laser – https://geni.us/VtRQ4k
1/2"x10" Lag Screw – https://geni.us/10LagScrew
Doweling Jig – https://jessem.com/products/dowelling-jig-master-kit-08350mk?sca_ref=2740138.IiVKmBmtQ5
Woodowl Drill Bits – https://lddy.no/1j2na
JessEm Stock Guides – https://jessem.ca?sca_ref=2800216.8Uoiil7pG1
Digital Angle Gauge – https://geni.us/Digital-Guage
Painters Tape – https://geni.us/PaintersTapeFrog
Multi Tool – https://geni.us/qRrb1jb
Stair Tread Guide – https://geni.us/gXqSToI
LED Light strip – https://geni.us/S4CJpJ
LED Motion Sensor – https://geni.us/ZOqJn
Rubio Monocoat Chocolate – https://geni.us/ByeT
Double Bearing Flush Trim Bit – https://geni.us/XUH2HJ

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