Carving a Log into a 4’ Shark that SWIMS

Thanks to Bespoke Post for sponsoring this video! New subscribers get a free mystery gift with their first membership purchase — go to and enter code BMGIFT at checkout. We spent 1200 hours carving a shark and engineered it to swim. Spoiler Alert: It worked! I teamed up with Travis from Locomotion Creations and we made something truly one of a kind. I just love how it turned out and the kinetic flowing movement it has. #carving #shark #Kinetic

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00:00 Intro
00:18 Carving Log
00:57 Calling The Engineer
01:55 Finding the Log
03:11 Chainsaw Action
04:04 Who is Travis?
05:15 Shark Shaping
06:49 The Hardest part
07:28 Kinetic Prototype
08:13 Side Fins
09:04 We have Bug Problems
09:27 Bespoke Post
10:34 Bug Holes & Epoxy
11:38 Engineering Update
12:15 Gills & Eyes Oh MY!
13:48 Shiny new Toys
14:26 Shark Teeth!
16:41 Travis Visits!
17:10 Holes and Lasers
18:20 Sawing Into Pieces
19:09 Spinal Procedure
19:27 Setting up the Mechanism
20:04 It’s FIRST SWIM
21:26 Applying Finish
22:41 Reveal!
22:50 Special Addition
23:35 Oh Sh**!!!

Author: Rich