On Freedom — History, Human Will, and Ducks

Are human beings free? Do we have freedom of will, or are our actions determined? What would it even mean to say that we are free or unfree?

In this video I attempt to shed some light on these problems, and to look at this issue from several points of view, including the modern and the ancient.

* * * * *

00:00 Introduction – Names named, gauntlets thrown
00:56 Tolstoy’s views on history and freedom
06:52 Freedom — The meanings of freedom
11:53 Determinism — The body; causation; history
16:27 Freedom again — Consciousness, deliberation, & ducks
20:27 The Ancient Idea — Freedom & virtue; the passions
26:40 The Determinist’s Last Stand — Nature vs. freedom
30:01 Freedom & relativism — The self; friendship; desire
33:54 Closing remarks — Vain promises; vague announcements; another guantlet

* * * * *


* * * * *

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Author: Rich