Making Decorative Whale Epoxy Lamp

After cutting the olive tree pieces according to the silicone mold, I mix blue color into thin casting epoxy and apply it to the olive tree pieces. I glue the whale figure to the wood and pour the thick casting epoxy resin into the silicone mold. After 4 days, I take it out of the mold and clean the surface, then sand it with 80-120-240-400-600-800-1000-2000-3000-6000 grit respectively. After blasting, I make the lighting part from walnut wood. After connecting the 5V LED strip and applying the wood protective oil, the design of this wonderfully visual whale-shaped epoxy resin lamp made of olive wood is completed. thanks for watching. I am waiting for your likes and comments by subscribing to my channel. Hope to see you in the next videos.
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