Recolored The Audi Skysphere Pink And Blue For My Daughter

Recolored The Audi Skysphere Pink And Blue For My Daughter
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Audi Skysphere is an extremely impressive future Concept car from the Audi car company. I was inspired by this wonderful design to make myself a wooden replica for my daughter. The wooden car was extremely loved by my daughter, and more specifically, I received an invitation from Audi Company in Germany to meet the design director and chat with the car’s creators. Not only that, my wooden Audi Skysphere also received a lot of attention and compliments from hundreds of millions of audiences around the globe. The inspiration for the car seems endless as my daughter is very interested, and since then, I recently made a fun change to the color of the car for my daughter to experience something new.
Hope you guys will also like the new colors I tested, leave a comment letting me know which color you like, and which car you want me to build next.
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