I Made a Poker Table with Removable Chip Racks

The customer threw me a last minute curveball and I had to come up with something cool. This is the poker table I would make for myself… but then I would need friends first, and that sounds like a lot of work.

Thanks To:
Wisbond Epoxy (use code donkey10 for 10% off) https://www.wisebond.com/

Links to some of the products and tools I use
Moon https://amzn.to/4dfC2KS


Natura Hard Wax https://amzn.to/4bgfGHh
HDPE… that white plastic stuff https://amzn.to/3u7WgUL
Kutzall Shaper https://amzn.to/49niQJk
3M Heavy https://amzn.to/3FOzC6t
3M machine polish https://amzn.to/3QLnidE
Carbon Method https://carbonmethod.com/ceramic-nanofinish/