55 Most Useful Chrome Extensions

Over the last several years we’ve tested and recommended more than a hundred Chrome extensions. After the release of our super-sized useful websites and free software videos, many of you suggested we do the same for Chrome extensions that can also be used with most of the Chromium based browsers. In this compilation, I’ll show you more than 50 Chrome extensions in alphabetical order that we think are the most useful.

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ALL CHROME EXTENSIONS MENTIONED ARE LISTED IN THE RECAP AT THE END OF THIS VIDEO… In other words, just skip to the end if you don’t need context 😉

55 Most Useful Free Software Everyone Should Know!

66 Most Useful Websites Everyone Should Know!

0:00 Intro
0:29 Screen Recorder & Screenshot
1:41 Easy Access to Google Services
2:36 Site Blocker
3:59 Fun Game
5:02 ChatGPT with Super Powers
6:05 Create Website Citations
6:37 Color Picker
7:23 AI Writing Tool
7:52 Mouse Gestures
8:45 Custom Cursors
9:30 Dark Mode
10:23 Password Manager
11:24 Privacy Essentials
12:10 Extensions Manager
12:49 Detect Fake Reviews
13:39 Identify Fonts
14:23 Lookup Scholarly Articles
15:09 View Translations Easily
15:49 Grammar Checker
16:17 Productivity New Tab
16:46 Shopping Tool
17:24 Email Finder
17:48 Image Downloader
18:31 Reading Mode
19:13 Price Tracker
20:16 SEO Tool
20:59 Screen Recorder
21:21 AI Chatbot
22:03 Color Schemes for Sites
22:56 Screenshot Tool
24:27 Background Sound
25:24 Compare Prices
27:05 Reduce Tab Clutter
27:56 Makes Web Pages Printer-Friendly
28:43 Tracker Blocker
29:29 AI Grammar Tool
30:11 AI Research Assistant
30:49 Tab & Bookmark Manager
31:49 Google Shortcuts
32:39 Scroll Smoothly
33:06 Internet Speedtest
33:30 Custom Website Themes
34:45 Website Userscripts
35:33 Price Tracker Powered by Camels
36:15 Reverse Image Search
36:59 YouTube Enhancer
37:26 Blocker
38:01 Controls Volume Better
38:26 Identifies Website Technologies
39:05 Historical Website Database
40:07 Website Safety Checker
41:05 Discover Fonts
41:42 Wikipedia Modernized
42:25 AI Reading Tool
43:27 AI Writing Companion
43:58 RECAP


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