How I went from regretting buying a laser to upgrading to a Co2 laser cutter

Not so long ago, I regretted purchasing my diode laser. Yet somehow, less than 3 months later, I upgraded to a Co2 desktop laser. What gives!? There are so many challenges with getting into laser engraving, especially with an entry lever diode laser. But having a Co2 laser cutter has so many advantages! In this video I’ll break down the advantages and drawbacks of Co2 vs diode lasers, compare costs, and answer the question: which type of laser should you get? Diode or Co2? Plus, I’ll talk about my ventilation set up and the xTool smoke purifier.

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►TOOLS USED (affiliate links):
Co2 LASER (xTool P2 55w):
· xTool P2 55w desktop laser
· xTool smoke purifier
· 3-inch window vent
· Air quality monitor
· WD-40 Degreaser
· Simple Green BBQ cleaner

DIODE LASER (xTool D1 Pro 20w):
· xTool D1 Pro
· Honeycomb bed
· Air assist
· In-line duct fan
· Exhaust ducting
· Exhaust flanges
· Pipe cleaners
· Laser safety glasses & windows


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0:00 Why upgrade?
1:18 Diode vs. Co2 lasers
2:00 Cost comparison
4:31 Advantages of Co2 laser
15:03 Drawbacks of Co2 lasers
16:42 Fume extractor
18:20 Bottom line: should you get a diode or Co2 laser?