Can I Make Something More Functional than the IBox for Significantly Less?

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Have you ever found yourself struggling with overly complex and costly box joint jigs? Fret no more, as we introduce the ultimate solution to your woodworking woes! Follow along as we demonstrate the creation of a user-friendly and budget-friendly box joint jig that ensures flawless joints with just a single test cut. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this transformative woodworking tool – hit subscribe to stay updated on all the details!

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*Katz-Moses Universal Box Joint Jig*
*Center Keyed Box Joints Video*
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Intro – Can we Make a Better Box Joint Jig? it 0:00
The 3 Questions you Need to Ask in Product Development 0:45
What Problems are We Trying To Solve? 1:12
Accurate and Easy to Use 1:42
Center Keyed Box Joints 2:45
Features of Katz-Moses Box Joint Jig 3:30
How did we make a box joint accurate? 3:37
Setup and Micro Adjust 4:50
Removable Keys Make Center Keyed Box Joints So Easy 6:42
Manufacturing and Product Development Behind the Scenes 7:58
Welcome to the Katz-Moses Tools Manufacturing Facility 9:20
What Equipment do we Use? 10:11
How We do Manufacturing Development 12:10
Interesting Problem Solving 14:22
Prototyping On Steroids 16:17
How to Go From a CNC to a Laser 16:50
Making High Accuracy Parts on a Laser 17:54
Pick and Pack 19:00
How it all Comes Together 19:42
Outro 20:46
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