Fixing the $30,000 Mistake

Fixing a $30,000 mistake. Spring epoxy workshop sale:
N3 nanofinish:
Wagner giveaway:

Links you may want:
Original (failure) video:
Slo motion woodworking accidents:
Customer interview:
Goby Walnut interview:
Around the house:
N3 How to video:

00:00 Introduction
00:49 Buying GOOD wood
02:06 Choosing a layout
03:13 Whoops
03:50 Giveaway
04:47 This might get me sued
06:13 Partial epoxy form
08:20 New epoxy tip
11:20 What not to use
12:19 Industrial shop trip
13:33 Fixing nature’s mistake
16:27 This was exciting
17:56 First big decision
19:08 XXL Chamfer
20:18 Major-ish problem
21:58 Filling holes in wood
23:50 Better way to fill holes in wood
26:10 Scott keeps me honest
28:07 Filling cracks
30:18 Attaching table bases
32:16 Finishing day
33:46 N3 nano application
34:35 Customer reveal

Items used in this build:
N3 nanofinish:
N3 Maintenance spray:
Twin turbo vise:
Oliver Jointer:
Japanese Saw:
Wagner Moisture Meter:
Drill Press:
Threaded Inserts:
Figure 8 Fastener:
Center Finding Tool:
Festool Router (Big One):
Festool Router (Medium):
Track Saw (smaller):
Track Square:
Mafell Track Saw:
Ultimate Template Bit:
Spiral Router Bit:
Katz Moses Stop Block:
Oliver Planer:
Router Bushing Set:
Corner Chisel:
Rubio Monocoat:
Miter Saw:
Miter Saw:
Flush Trim Bit (Long):
Heavy Duty Buffer:
Respirator helmet:
Rotex 150 Sander:
C Channels:
Furniture Bolts: