My Best Project

Building a cabinet from 300 pieces of walnut, the worst way possible.
My Epoxy Course [increases soon]:
Damascus 2.0 Knife:

N3 craftsman kit:
Wood Supplier:
Vesting LED Oil:
Kutzall Tools:

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Other items used in this build
Magnetic Featherboard:
Magswitch Products:
Oliver Jointer:
Festool Clamp:
Parallel Clamp:
Festool 150 Sander:
Festool Router (Medium):
Oliver Planer:
Rotex 150 Sander:
Corner Chisel:
Festool Domino:
Spiral Router Bit:
Sliding T Bevel:
Festool Planer:
Die Grinder:
Plug Cutter:
Led Light Strip:

00:00 Introduction
00:23 The Goal
01:37 Quite a Few Wood Joints
04:20 Plywood Template Help
04:47 Helpful Viewer Comments
05:57 Starting To Look Like a Cabinet
07:05 Sketchy Woodworking Cut
08:17 Gluing So Many Blocks
09:27 Making Guide Templates
10:15 Taking a Chainsaw To It
12:30 First Problem
15:01 Chainsaw… Again
16:26 All Work and No Play
17:24 Filling Gaps in Wood
18:20 Filling Holes in Wood
21:09 Wood Fix Reveal
22:08 Hand Hammered Copper
23:06 I Hate It
23:52 Plan C, Hammered Steel
25:14 Steel Bluing/Blackening
26:37 Crazy New Wood Finish
28:47 N3 Nano on a Cabinet
29:35 Reveal/Surprise Ending