Only Took Me Two Years to Make $8000

Attempting to fix the giant round epoxy table disaster from over a year ago.
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Items used in this video
New Blacktail n3 Nano:
Deep Pour Epoxy:
Track Saw (smaller):
Miter Saw Hold Down:
Rotex 150 Sander:
Light Bar:
Oliver Planer:
Oliver Jointer:
Respirator helmet:
Threaded Inserts:
Parallel Clamp:
Festool 150 Sander:
Festool Planer:
Japanese Saw:
Wagner Moisture Meter:
Festool Router (Medium):
Miter Saw:
Furniture Bolts:
Drill Guide:
Dowel Pins:
Mafell Jigsaw:
Lie Nielsen Block Plane:
Lie Nielsen 4.5 Plane:

00:00 Introduction
01:14 How does epoxy crack?
03:12 Build a clock!
04:00 $975 of walnut
04:57 Woodworking competency
06:06 Dowel pins, unsung hero
06:47 Scott, the video guy
07:50 Largest jig to date
10:50 Cutting circle with a jigsaw
11:56 Flattening epoxy table
13:37 New tool… that isn’t sponsored
15:01 I’m not so smart after all
17:51 Cutting tapers
18:35 Filling holes in epoxy
19:17 "Wrap up" shot
19:56 Fixing holes in wood
21:04 Reverse auction
22:58 Filling smaller holes in epoxy
24:16 Big mistake
25:27 UV cured wood finish
26:52 N3 Black Friday sale
27:31 Reveal