EDC Product Development from the Ground Up – The Bourbon Blade

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Join us on a journey through the design process of the revolutionary EDC chisel knife! From selecting materials to perfecting the locking mechanism, we share why this bourbon blade chisel knife stands out from the rest. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own the ultimate everyday carry tool – subscribe today for more awesome stuff.

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Blade HQ Knife Steel Guide https://www.bladehq.com/blog/knife-steel-guide#14C28N
Why liner locks fail from the owner of Spyderco https://youtu.be/xLLWuO7ZzrI?si=tt80oTAQb1HTOJ-N&t=88
Liner Lock Wack Test https://youtu.be/Ft3YJaEJ3SM?si=VWPboJCD5EREgX3C&t=426
How Strong is a Crossbar Lock Testing the Benchmade Osborne 940 https://youtu.be/b3X64SYObO8?si=LvimtXhxD63Zn1S3
Pocket Knife Lock Test https://youtu.be/ERxHUXAFVs4?si=prHbhJbpIBxClap6&t=728
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We should do a folding chisel knife – 0:00
Why Knives and Chisels combined are AMAZEBALLS 2:25
What makes a knife good quality? 4:21
Meet The Bourbon Blade 5:33
Types of Knife Locks and Why we Chose the Cross Bar Lock 6:53
Liner Locks ARE NOT FOR TOOLS 9:35
Why we chose the Cross Bar Lock and How it Works 11:31
What is a Premium Knife Steel? 13:04
What Steel did we choose? 15:21
Sandvik 14c28n Corrosion Resistance Salt Water Test 16:20
Accept No Gimmicks and Health Insurance 18:10
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