Client Gave Me $16,000, Then Changed His Mind

After holding a deposit for over 3 years, my customer said he changed his mind.
My Epoxy Table Workshop:
N3 Nano Finishing:

“Alias” welder:

Items used in this video:
Blue dye:
Epoxy Table Saw Blade:
Magnetic Featherboard:
Track Saw (smaller):
Track Square:
Corner Radius Jig (alternative):
Tall Template Router Bit:
Ultimate Template Bit:
Miter Saw Hold Down:
Battery Brad Nailer:
Rotex 150 Sander:
Rotex 90 Sander:
Soft Sanding Pad:
Buffing Compound:
Dewalt Buffer:
Buffing Pad Spur:
Light Bar:
Katz Moses Stop Block:
Oliver Planer:
Contact Cement:
Respirator helmet:

00:00 Introduction
00:10 Customer back story
02:03 Ski table layout
02:55 Black vs clear epoxy
04:14 So why build this table?
05:25 Epoxy tip: Use fans and also…
06:27 Three years later
07:26 Getting a perfect match for your top
08:35 Why I didn’t want to make this
10:05 Making a spray booth
11:17 Micro bubbles in epoxy
12:40 Trees falling over
13:19 Polishing epoxy/acrylic
14:29 How not to attach a top
16:33 How TO attach a top
18:06 N3 Nanofinish on clear epoxy
19:03 Reveal