The Mystery of the Senses: Touch

Why do human beings touch? Why is touch so important to our society, our relationships, and our psychology? And how has our relationship to touch changed in our modern, technological societies?

(Spoiler: the answer to NONE of these questions, is that we humans are primates…)

* * * * *

00:00 Poking fun at science (again)
01:57 Giving science its due (for once, kind of)
03:49 Touch delimits social circles
06:08 Touch as recognition of embodiment
07:57 Touch is the most active of the senses
11:45 Touch, violence and trust
15:18 A Brief Ode to the Hand
06:13 Touch in friendship
19:40 Touch deprivation today
21:54 Touch and technology
23:50 Closing remarks

* * * * *

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