Cutting and Engraving Projects Crafted Using the IKIER K1 Pro Max 48W/24W Laser Machine

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In this video, I’ll be demonstrating a range of projects achievable with the laser cutting and engraving machine.
00:00 Laser machine setup
03:42 Material test on 3.25 mm MDF
05:00 Engraving and cutting on 3.25 mm MDF
05:55 Cutting on 3.25 mm MDF
07:33 Engraving on stone
08:16 Material test on 2 mm metal sheet
09:56 Engraving on 2 mm metal sheet
11:06 Material test on 4 mm black acrylic
12:12 Engraving and cutting on 4 mm black acrylic
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Junkyard-Origin of Creativity.