Should I Epoxy Coat Wood? Everything You Should Consider

In deciding whether or not epoxy coating wood parts on a boat is the right method for you, there are a number of factors that you should consider. In this video we look in depth at the top three of those factors as I help you to make the correct decision for your application.

We also take a tour of the Wessex Resins factory where West System Epoxy is produced and tested here in the UK for supply across all of Europe and the surrounding countries. We see some of the tests that are done on the epoxy, namely the tensile elongation test that records it’s extension. Have you ever wondered exactly how much epoxy can stretch and flex? This video will give you the answer to that in a clear and visual way.

How waterproof is epoxy? In this video we look at the results of some moisture exclusion tests done on timber coated with epoxy that has been immersed in water. We also learn about why epoxy is soo good at moisture, water and oil resistance and… why you should never thin your epoxy!

UV protection is another key element to ensuring long lasting finishes when epoxy is used in an exposed environment. We look at how you should protect your finish. How to calculate how much protection it needs and how often you might need to re-apply it.

Here are my results of the water immersion tests shown in the video. White Oak blocks coated with epoxy in different ways, immersed in water for an 8 week period:

Weight before – 111g
Weight after – 169g
Moisture content before – 13.4%
Moisture content after – 42%
Width across grain before – 100.4mm
Width across grain after – 106.09mm

Weight before – 115g
Weight after – 134g
Moisture content before – 13.4%
Moisture content after – 38% (at open end)
Width across grain before – 100.54mm
Width across grain after – 105.00mm (at open end)

Weight before – 116g
Weight after – 122g
Moisture content before – 13.4%
Moisture content after – 42% (across hole)
Width across grain before – 100.58mm
Width across grain after – 101.36mm

Weight before – 116g
Weight after – 116g
Moisture content before – 13.4%
Moisture content after – 13.6%
Width across grain before – 100.60mm
Width across grain after – 100.80mm

Link to the Gougeon Brothers moisture exclusion test study:

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0:00 Introduction
3:07 Wessex Resins Tour
5:16 Flexibility and Expansion
10:39 Moisture Resistance
15:32 Water Immersion Tests
26:50 UV Protection
30:12 Summary

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