Fabricating The Windscreen Brackets | Temptress 1/4 Scale Boat Build Part 23

In this video we begin looking at some of the hardware items for Temptress, starting with the fabricated windscreen brackets. These should be done ideally in stainless steel for the full size boat but because it is more within my limitations as a metalworker, I am making them in Aluminium here.

The boat windscreen brackets are CNC cut from flat sheet and then rolled to form the curvature of the bracket wings. I have then brazed the components together using Aluminium brazing rods.

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In this series I am building a 6′ model version of our new boat design Temptress. The reason for building the boat in that size is so that I can show the process, exactly the same as it will be for the full size boat with everything scaled down. It will offer a full tutorial on how to build the boat, be a test run for myself and also give me a demo model that I can take to boat shows.

Plans are available to buy for both the full size boat and a simplified, slot together, plywood scale model plan set. Note that in this video series I am working from the full size boat plans. For details on the scale model plan set, take a look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_liKxeQCoI

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0:00 A look at the bracket assembly
4:12 Fabrication
14:26 The finished brackets

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