Pro Furniture Maker builds a Wooden Box

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This custom made Watch/Jewellery Box is made from Walnut and Copper. The drawers are made from Tasmanian Oak with handmade Walnut dowels.
I don’t normally build small pieces like this but it was a special build for a repeat client of mine based on a Record Cabinet I built them in a similar design.

The entire box has been made from Walnut that comes from the same board as I wanted grain and colour continuity throughout the piece.

The handles are made from solid copper round bar and the shadow lines have been made from custom cut copper sheet. Both have been polished and coated in a spray lacquer to prevent tarnishing.
I’ve glued the copper sheet shadow line to a rebate in the walnut top and bottom. This presents some potential issues with expansion and contraction as the copper runs across the wood grain. There is a slight amount of flex from the very thin copper sheet although I wouldn’t totally rely on this, but from the many tests and samples I have done in the past this hasn’t been an issue as of yet.

This piece has been designed to fit my clients watch collection. The box sits twelve watches and has a compartment to fit other jewellery like rings and necklaces.

Standard Questions-
– What glue do I use? Titebond 3
– What finish do I use? Osmo Oil satin

Designed, built, filmed and edited by Nick Pedulla from Pedulla Studio

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