Simple Joinery You’ve Never Seen Before

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This Bench Seat is made from Tasmanian Oak and has been designed specifically for a client of mine. The finish used is Fiddes Oil- Satin.

One thing to mention that I didn’t explain in the video are the holes I drilled in the side rails before routing the dovetails. These holes allow me to drop and raise the side rail from the dovetail bit as dovetail bits are tapered making it very dangerous to lift or drop a workpiece onto the bit. Having said that, you may notice I had to back cut a small section in order to achieve this. This is not recommended for anyone who is inexperienced with a router. Back cutting can result in your workpiece being flung out of your hands resulting in serious injury.
Speaking of unsafe practices. The jig I used to cut the slots in the legs for the wedges was not specifically made for this technique. It was used for something else but I felt confident in using it as the main surfaces were appropriately supported. But once again I do not recommend this.

The spray used on the brass is a spray lacquer used to stop tarnishing. I’ve also hand rubbed a wax finish over the top of the lacquer once dried.

Once again I have to say that Osmo Oil isn’t a bad finish. I love the look of it on certain woods and the application is easy. I just feel that the protection has been lacking. Please let me know in the comments of any other finishes you like to use.

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Standard Questions-
– What glue do I use? Titebond 3 & Titebond Original
– What finish do I use? Fiddes Oil

Designed, built, filmed and edited by Nick Pedulla from Pedulla Studio

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