Wood Isn’t Supposed To Do This

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This Bench Seat is made from solid American Ash. The main seat structure uses a technique called stacked lamination to build up a solid foundation which is then carved back to its final shape. The curves, also made from solid Ash, re-sawn from the same boards to ensure grain colour and continuity, have been cut into thin strips, then formed into its final shapes. The curve on the left also acts as the supporting leg providing a sturdy, usable bench seat that doubles as a sculpture. Overall length- 1800mm

Inspired by the works of Joseph Walsh, (someone who I have admired since coming across his work 10 years ago) this piece was designed to explore personal boundaries with the hopes of developing new techniques and further progressing my skills as a designer/maker. Not only were my hopes met with an enthusiasm which encourages a ‘new chapter’ of my work, but after working with wood for most of my life, it still amazes me that I can get so excited about learning something new.

Shout out to David Picciuto from @MakeSomething who’s video on “Extreme Curves In Woodworking” sparked the idea to make my own bags, allowing me to create the curves that you watched in my video. You can watch David’s video here- https://youtu.be/xnR_3gvNICc

Standard Questions-
– What finish do I use – Fiddes Hard Wax Oil (I first applied 2 coats of ‘White’ Tinted Hard Wax Oil then top coated with ‘Satin’ Hard Wax Oil (link below)
– What glues do I use – Polyurethane Glue for the stacked laminations and Techniglue for the curves

Tools and Products used in this video (affiliate links) –

– Fiddes Hard Wax Oil – https://www.fiddesaustralia.com/pedulla/
– Vinyl Plastic Roll (to make the bags)- https://geni.us/597JOn
– Double Sided Seal Tape- https://geni.us/ngDpQK
– Great Book on Vacuum Pressing- https://geni.us/s9Vud
– Kit Page – https://kit.co/nickpedulla

Designed, built, filmed and edited by Nick Pedulla from Pedulla Studio

Music from www.epidemicsound.com

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