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This Sculpted Coffee table is made from Tasmanian Blackwood and uses a technique called Stacked Lamination which is the process of stacking wood on top of one another, creating a blank that allows you to carve whatever shape you want to sculpt.

I use a bunch of different carving tools like my grinder and belt sander to achieve the shapes I’m after. I have links below to some of these tools.

Standard Questions-
– What finish do I use – Fiddes White Hard Wax Oil. Then top coated with ‘Satin’ Hard Wax Oil (link below)
– What glues do I use – Titebond Original and Polyurethane Glue

Tools and Products used in this video (affiliate links) –

– Arbortech Turbo Plane –
– Carbide Carving Discs (Very Course) –
– Carbide Carving Discs (Course) –
– Saw Rasp –
– Titebond Original –
– Respirator Full Face Dusk Mask –
– Fiddes Oil –
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– Video Camera –
– Photography Camera –
– Lighting Amaran 100D –
– Lighting Amaran 200D (more powerful) –

Designed, built, filmed and edited by Nick Pedulla from Pedulla Studio

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