I built the perfect miter saw solution.

Here is why you need a miter saw. And what better way to celebrate your miter saw than with a small shop miter saw station 🔨 Get the Miter Station plans here: Miter Station Plans — https://www.lincolnstwoodworks.com/st… đź”´ Want more? Watch Next: DIY Nightstand:    • Master it and you can build anything   Table Saw Safety:    • 60,000 injuries per year   Buying From a Sawmill:    • The TRUTH about buying from a SAWMILL   đź”´Products Featured in Video Kreg 720 Pro – https://geni.us/vOvd9xj Kreg Pocket Screws – https://geni.us/CTN58 Handi Shims – https://geni.us/Mvocv Power Pro Screws – https://geni.us/cYXiBFp Kreg Stud Finder – https://geni.us/VtRQ4k Kreg Right Angle Driver – https://geni.us/b4kK Self-Centering Bit – https://geni.us/HDAQz Soft Close Drawer Slides – https://geni.us/h6P6Wt Kreg 520 Pro – https://geni.us/BY8HV Ridge Carbide Miter Blade – https://lddy.no/1gjr2 Black Laminate – https://geni.us/ML8WkhI Laminate J Roller – https://geni.us/U7t6n Laminate Flush Trim Bit – https://geni.us/BfVScWq Contact Cement – https://geni.us/IWy5M4D Foam Roller – https://geni.us/rO6Mx9V Kreg Hardware Jig – https://geni.us/YIHuC Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig – https://geni.us/AkoBR Soft Close Hinges – https://geni.us/mA4o7S3 Composite Shims – https://geni.us/iF0ALsg đź”´Support Small Businesses’ Shop Nation Dust Collection Boot – https://shopnationstore.com/collectio… DDWW Zero Clearance Inserts (use LINCST10 for 10% off) – https://www.etsy.com/shop/ddwwstore/?… đź”´Don’t Miss Out on the Stop Block Sign up for the Lincoln St Newsletter – https://www.lincolnstwoodworks.com/ đź”´Support LSWW Merchandise: https://www.lincolnstwoodworks.com/st… Stickers: https://www.lincolnstwoodworks.com/st… Plans: https://www.lincolnstwoodworks.com/st… Subscribe:    / @lincolnstww   đź”´Follow us on Instagram:   / lincolnst.woodworks  


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