Awesome Van Conversion on a Tight Budget! Part 1

This Is Going To Be a Challenge….. My first ever Camper Van Conversion! Van Life is becoming incredibly popular these days so when my 25 year old son presented me with his newly purchased 2015 Hyundai iLoad l had to say yes to his request to convert it into a functioning camper with the caveat that it had to be on budget!.
This is Part 1 of maybe a four part series…l hope you like it 👍
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Makita 7 1/4” Circular Saw:
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Jig Saw Blade for Cutting Plywood:
Dewalt Portable Table Saw for cutting the floor and ceiling battens:
Sika Adhesive for glueing down the floor and ceiling battens:
Contact Spray Adhesive for sticking down the Foilboard Insulation:
10mm Foilboard Insulation.
9mm Construction Grade Plywood for the floor.
70mm x 35mm Construction Grade Pine cut into strips for the floor and ceiling battens.

Safety Glasses:
Safety Glasses That Can Be Worn Over Glasses:
Hearing Protection:

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