How to build a Wooden Tacklebox

In this video I build a Wooden Fishing Tackle Box for my boat project.


studnet Aquatics here if you’ve been

watching my channel you know that I’ve

been redoing my boat I put all new

carpet all new lids storage compartment

lids and I even closed in the fuel tank

in the battery area and it’s coming

along real well well this is marine

grade plywood it is 1/2 inch it is

sanded on one side it’s really nice

stuff and it’s very expensive since it

is actually marine grade and I do not

want to waste that I don’t want to just

put it in with my other plywood so what

I’m thinking about doing is building me

a tackle box for my tackle it’s

something I can have on the boat that is

waterproof that I can access anytime I

want easily so I have drawn up some

plans and what I’m going to be using is

I did come across these the planner ones

are a little bit expensive but I found

these on sale they have the rubber

gasket around them and they also latch

really nice and so I have five of those

trays that will be going into it I have

one smaller one that I’m planning on

putting in the other direction are is

the feet it’s going to have a door on

the front as I mentioned a little while

ago is what it’ll do so I have access to

it from the front and I have picked up

these handles that will go on the sides

and a really nice thing about this I

will be able to lock it and then I can

actually anchor this into my boat so

that nobody will steal it I have some

really nice hinges in here for the lid

in our program well you can put your

combination lock on it and I even picked

up some of these these will go on the

feet so it’ll go underneath so that it

isn’t sitting all the way down on the

bottom I have my skill saw out here

ready to go I’m going to be using a

guide with that because I can’t maneuver

this around and run it through a table

saw so I’m going to have to be cutting

this by hand but I want to cut it

perfect so I will add more to this as I

go okay I’m making some headway this is

the top and the bottom board and it will

sit just like this and this will set up

about something like that and these

boards here there’s three of these these

three are this one this one and this one

basically I have sanded each one of them

have sandpaper here pretty simple thing

to do just run it over it smooth out the

edge you know make it get rid of those

rough edges so I will keep adding to

this okay these are the trade guides and

the front of it would be here and then

you could slide the tray in here and it

goes the end and then up there and what

I have here these are Torx head trim

screws and they’re eight by an inch to

quarter I picked some up but these are

going to be too long because by the time

I get them in there they just barely

stick out the other end so I have just

enough of these to do it and these will

get screwed in from the other side and

I’ll probably put two to three of them

on each one and so I’m gonna do that now

and then I’ll have more to this look

okay when you do this I marked them so I

could see my exact half-inch and I went

in two inches from each side I’ll

probably end up putting another one down

the middle but in order to make sure

they’re in perfect alignment you want to

drill them from this side where you can

see the line I don’t want to draw a line

on the other side because you don’t have

to sand that line off but if you do that

make sure you use a really small bit the

first time for all these pilot holes

that way it won’t bust wood out on the

other side it makes it nice and neat and

clean and then you can turn the wood

over and drill it with the right size

drill bit and then when you put the

screw in it just goes away and you don’t

have any problems okay this one’s done

and this one here the way I’m doing this

I got a couple of C clamps and flush it

put it on the line put the C clamp on

both sides and then you can put the

screws in to hold it and move your way

across okay I’m gaining on my tackle box

and I wanted to point one thing out this

isn’t something I take with me when I go

fishing from the bank this is just this

will be anchored into my boat and this

is a marine grade plywood and it will be

treated it’s already treated but I will

be stained so it’s turning out really

good and then this will actually be

screwed to the floor from the insights

and nobody can steal it it’ll be locked

and it’ll be tucked back and aside there

in the boat so I will have a place for

tackle at all

and when I want to go fishing from the

bank all I have to do is grab one of

these trays so still figuring out how

I’m gonna do these here as far as what’s

gonna go in so I’m gonna go ahead and

get it back on this thing and get a

front cut and keep moving forward this

tackle box is going to be permanently

attached and my boat is coming along

really good I used all gold hardware I

went ahead and put a classic oak kind of

like a honey oak finish on it then put

some polyurethane on it has little

latches down here with a combination

lock there’s one on each side a table to

hold on with and this will actually be

screwed down into my boat so nobody

could ever steal it and all my tackle

will be in there and it will be safe and

I have handles on it to lift if I need

to move it the lid lifts up took a

little while to get all this done inside

but everything has been stained inside

also and the way this works is this was

made for that tray right there I even

made one of these that has everything I

would need to thank fish which would be

this one all they have to do is take

this and wish me and put in the pickup

and go so that’s how it works it’s gonna

work really really well it’s permanent

storage for my tackle for fishing I

think what I’m gonna do on these three I

don’t know I’m gonna make a wooden box

down here that I can pull out that way I

can just have stuff sitting in them

fishing pliers different types of things

I might build two of them I might get

one more container I’m not sure but I

know I’m gonna build one right here and

that’s what I’m gonna do next I measured

the hole to see how big the box would be

and I’m running these through the table

saw and once again this is marine grade

to play with it’s the last of it right

here I don’t know if I’ll have enough to

build two boxes but I definitely have

enough to build one and so I used my

Corner clamp make sure everything’s

perfectly even measure down a half-inch

up a half I’ll do that on this side this

one and this one and then it goes the

bottom goes up from the bottom but then

the front piece will be wider so you

can’t to see these two seams it’ll cover

the whole front and then I’ll probably

put just a little piece of wood or

something on the front or maybe cut a

hole some way so I can pull it out the

one box is done I need to stain it and

finish it yet both of the drawers are

done and I also want a head and stained

it but what I’m using is men white

poly shade and this is actually classic

oak because I like that color and then I

am also putting a little bit of clear

gloss on there not a lot but just a

little bit just a little bit there

should be enough so I will let this dry

for quite a few hours my boat storage

tackle box is completely done I need to

put it in the boat anchor down I have

these little paddle locks down here that

works really really well is one on each

side nice cold handles it turned out

really really nice and then when you

lift this up then you expose all the

tackle I have five trays in here filled

with fishing tackle this small one fills

with it and then I also have two boxes

and they have this one here that’s a

little smaller and I have this one here

what that’s for is for all this stuff

here but they’re just a little bit wet

yet so I won’t let them dry and this

slot here I’m going to pick up another

one of these right here so it is done I

think it turned out really really well I

think it’s going to make a really nice

storage area on the boat and this is

done to chaotix thanks for watching

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