This Takes More Time… But It’s a CLEANER LOOK!!!

In this video show how to scribe baseboard to fit to our flooring. We look at how to achieve good scribe cuts quickly and accurately. We also talk about the differences in workflow when scribing baseboard to flooring as compared to using shoe molding.

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01:20 – Jobsite Overview
01:46 – Floor Protection is a Must!
02:25 – How scribing baseboard affects workflow
06:13 – Marking your scribe line
09:20 – Cutting to the scribe line
10:58 – Block plane clean up
11:36 – A quick sand to break the edges
12:21 – Table Saw Technique
16:16 – Workflow Changes With Scribed Baseboard
20:50 – No Shoe Molding Changes The Entire Job Order of Operations

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