Ridge Beam Masterclass | THIS SCRIBE WAS INSANE!!! 😬😬

In this video we tackle how to install a ridge beam piece by piece. We cover how to work up high on scaffolding efficiently, how to use a laser to set a benchmark for scribing, the best ridge beam blocking options, preferred scribing tools for cathedral ridge beams, scribing technique, cutting to a scribe line, cutting perfect miters with a track saw, fabricating the beam with perfect miters, etc.

Hock Marking Knife – https://www.leevalley.com/en-us/shop/tools/hand-tools/marking-and-measuring/marking-tools/115598-hock-marking-knife-blades?item=19P2411

00:00 – Massive Ridge Beam Install
01:53 – Ridge Beam Blocking
06:03 – Laser Setup
09:05 – Scribing Side Beams
13:28 – Cutting Scribe Line to Ridge
21:15 – Ripping The Miters
24:40 – Sanding and Biscuits
30:09 – Blocking & Support for Light Fixtures
30:41 – Installing Mitered Bottom Board

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