DIY LVL Beam Install / How I Installed a New Beam for a Kitchen Remodel

Hello, everyone!! In this video I will show you how I installed a 12′ LVL beam to remove a load bearing wall to support my new kitchen space. This is for Phase 2 of my home renovation. I ended up using a microllam LVL beam for an 11′ span. This was engineered by a third party, but I honestly feel I probably could’ve used (2) 2x12s since there wasn’t a direct load on top, only ceiling joists resting on the wall. Nonetheless, I have to comply with the engineer’s drawings, so I did not deviate. The posts (jack studs) were (3) 2x4s spanning the distance to support the beam. I’ll be showing one install in this video, the previous post was installed during the first phase of the bathroom remodel. Video of that DIY build in my channel. #beam #lvl #structural

Hope some of the things I did in this video help you for your DIY install. Enjoy!

00:00 – Intro
01:28 – Microllam LVL Beam
01:42 – Attic Existing Conditions
02:54 – Dust Containment
03:11 – Temporary Shoring Install
04:00 – Installing the New Load Bearing Point Jack Stud
08:06 – Preparation for New Beam
09:40 – Cutting the Beam Pockets
10:09 – Installing the Joist Hangers
10:41 – Install the LVL Pieces
12:58 – Removing the Wall
13:46 – Wall Removed and All Open