DIY Kitchen Island – Part 1: Base Cabinet and Framing | How to Frame Your Kitchen Island

Hello, everybody! In this video I will show you how I built a kitchen island! I will be breaking this one up into 3 separate videos. In Part 1, i’ll go over the planning phase, how I ended coming up with the design, and basic framing to get started. Part 2 will cover the Electrical and Plumbing and Part 3 will cover the Paint and Finishes!

To help me plan out my kitchen island, I drew it up on Sketchup. This is very intuitive software anybody can pick up and learn to use. I recommend everyone use this to plan out their design. It’s important to understand your kitchen island needs and main purpose of your island. I have a small home and wanted to integrate dining into the island. Additionally, have it serve as a gathering area.

This is second kitchen I build. I previously built one for my garage apartment and learned from those mistakes to improve this one. Hope you all are able to find some of these tips and tricks helpful! Lets get to it!

Thanks for watching!

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