My largest sculpture to date

I created a life size bison out of recycled tires, stainless steel and foam. This sculpture will be displayed at the Henry Vilas Zoo located in Madison Wisconsin. Go check it out if you are there!
#carving #epoxy #art

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00:00 Intro
01:03 Horns
01:56 Foam Form
02:35 Decapitating Head
03:34 Tail
04:17 Installing Horns
05:17 Spray Foaming
05:51 Moving Bison
06:21 Installing Eyes
07:20 Picking out tires
08:00 Installing Tires
09:05 Making A Bison Dick
11:34 Washing my Bison
12:00 Touch up work
12:35 Mistakes
13:30 Question for you!
13:52 Finishing Shots