Carving 2 sculptures in record time

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I Carved Two sculptures for the Goodyear Cotton Bowl in only 16 days. This was my 7th year creating team mascots out of Goodyear tires. This year we had an exciting matchup between Ohio state and Mizzou. We first carved the mascots out of foam insulation- then applied over 450 tires to the sculptures. These sculptures were presented to both teams during the 2023 Goodyear cotton bowl, then Goodyear donates them to each respective schools so they can display them on campus. #carving #sculpting #art

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00:00 Introduction
01:37 Laminating / Cutting foam
03:21 Carving foam
05:24 Casting Hands out of Resin
07:24 Steel Armature
09:11 Carving Mizzou
10:26 Adding Tail / Fiberglass
12:08 Cutting Tires/ Pedestals
14:37 Adding Tires to Brutus
15:29 Adding Tires to Truman
16:43 Shooting Staples
17:27 Pro- Videographer
18:04 Goodyear Commercial
20:20 Details on Truman
22:00 Near Disaster!
22:50 Final Reveal

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