Owned by Me (Rich) and “Area Control ™ “

It’s Today” ✨ Is a large network and knowledge base of tips, freeware, news, science, information and much, much more. I also own the Its.City domain name and am building informative, entertainment  and news sites for all the major cities in the U.S.

Its Today is part of the Area Control Network you will find support and information on the complete Area Control™ Network.

Its today was born out of and a part of my Area Control News Network Area Control information websites, and growing to over 150 domain names and websites. It was becoming cluttered and confusing to maintain all the domain names and websites. I started the Its Today project, it will consist of all of the related websites as subdomains ie: https://science.us.com will become https://science.its.today and/or https://source.ooo my News source site will become https://news.its.today.

I will also be moving all of my help websites to Its.today like https://veterans.cloud turns to https://veterans.its.today. Not to mention adding many more niche websites and sub-domain names now that I don’t need to buy a domain name every time I want to start a project. My creativity will be expanding in leaps and bounds! For example I wanted to do a website on Donald J. Trump and instead of buying a domain name with trump in it I created a website on Its Today you can see it here https://trump.its.today

The Same applies for the its.city domain names. I will sell https://its Miami and https://its.vegas and create Miami.its.city and Vegas.its.city and other cities like the one I have already done but I don’t have a domain name associated with it. https://seattle.its.city. It is better than spending $100,000.00s of dollars to just create a sub-domain name than guying all the city domain names

Of course it will take some time to complete this project considering all of the websites I own and all of the website I have wanted to build. I Also sell domain names you can see the full list of domain names for sale. These domain names are for sale now and will always be until they are sold. That is one of the reasons I am creating the Its Today network because I like my websites and I also like to key in my domain names. Once Its Today is done, when I sell a domain name I will still have the website. I only sell domain names not websites. I plan on this network growing very large and not only the informative websites, domain names and news sites I own now but reaching into all avenues of the world wide web like social networking, online shopping and much more.

So be sure to check back to see what’s new after all It’s Today!

Here is a list of the Its today websites that are up and running and are started on its.today or are other sites I own and will be implemented at some time.

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