• What has no beginning and no end .
  • What contains all of the day and all of the night?
  • what is the only time you can act and do anything?
  • What consist of who you are, your totality?
  • It’s today!

You have heard of the Alfa and The Omega.
The beginning and the end.

Yesterday is the Alfa. The beginning so it has to have a ending.

Tomorrow is the Omega. The end.

However Today has no beginning and therefore has no end!

Today is infinity!

Today is forever.

And with that said today and today only 😁 its.today domain name is for sale.

Domain name Sale Includes:
Infinity and infinity comes at a price 😎 

Domain nameits.today
Price: $1,120,000.00
Up to: 10 years registration transfers to new owner.
Websites: Just a splash page on the domain name its.today and 1 sub domain WordPress website https://trump.its.today  Included in WordPress with [Updraft] backup format if available and requested at time of sale.
How to buy the domain name: You can buy the domain name its.today thru Sedo.com


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