Drill charging station.

Build your own Reasonable Drill Charging Station! https://scottwalsh.co/products/drill-…

FULL ARTICLE: https://scottwalsh.co/blogs/shop-proj…


Sanding Drums for Drills: https://geni.us/dV82w

Hinge Drilling Jig: https://geni.us/s9AKTs

12″ Picture Hanger Cleat 4pk: https://geni.us/AC2Sf

6″ Magnetic Tools Holder: https://geni.us/ISBNY

Hinges US: https://geni.us/kxOsQB6 + https://geni.us/azDTEc

Hinges CA: https://www.homedepot.ca/product/blum…

Blum Part No: 71M2550 (x2), 175H7100 (x2) Akro Mils 30220: https://geni.us/JU7VXN

(or from Grainger US): https://www.grainger.com/product/AKRO…

(or from Grainger CA): https://www.grainger.ca/en/product/BI…

DOWELMAX: DOWELMAX 3/8″ Kit: https://www.dowelmax.com/product/clas…

DOWELMAX 1/2″ Expansion: https://www.dowelmax.com/product/dowe…

BLADES: Table Saw Blade: https://lddy.no/1gj1k

Miter Saw Blade: https://lddy.no/1i8tz

Dado Stack: https://lddy.no/1g6ux

TOOLS: Chisels: https://lddy.no/1g68v

Miter Gauge: https://geni.us/0K4H36

Dust Extractor: https://geni.us/ccOkLC

Drill and Driver: https://geni.us/qyrTiC

Circular Saw: https://geni.us/J5mDQ

Random Orbit Sander: https://geni.us/dkULx8s

Jig Saw: https://geni.us/i7HRN

Compact Router: https://geni.us/h90weiY

Cordless Router: https://geni.us/Jou0

Miter Saw: https://geni.us/uhfOe

Track Saw: https://geni.us/aslB

BITS: Forstner Bits: https://geni.us/oj2HXU

Countersink With Stop: https://geni.us/cQFDp

Countersink w/o Stop: https://geni.us/dMiEM

Countersink Zero Flute: https://geni.us/fVIhcp

Self-Centering Bits: https://geni.us/RXZv9K3

3/32″ Round Over Bit: https://geni.us/b8sGMT

SUPPLIES Sandpaper: https://lddy.no/1hs32

Double-Sided Tape: https://geni.us/ZohrzD

Green Tape: https://geni.us/CWZquR

Glue: https://geni.us/4JCcR

CA Glue: https://geni.us/mELd05A

CA Accelerator: https://geni.us/bq0Az2

Silicone Glue Brush: https://geni.us/tiJw

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