Against the Niche Spirit

I’ve premised my YouTube Channel and my X profile on my opposition to the niche spirit.

But what is the niche spirit? Where does it come from, and why should we be fighting it tooth, nail and crowbar?

From the origins of science in the Age of the Enlightenment all the way to the self-destruction of the “specialist expert” in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, I offer some thoughts on the birth, destiny, and character of our fateful modern intellectual model… and a summons to a more human ideal.

* * * * *


0:00 Intro
0:45 Challenging Niche Boy to a duel
1:38 The birth of modern science
9:11 The breakdown of modern science
11:03 What is the niche spirit?
12:34 The problem of artificial intelligence
15:27 Science vs. art and philosophy
16:46 How to reclaim our humanity
18:37 My nicheless channel
21:23 Closing

* * * * *

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Author: Rich