The Renaissance – The Best of Times? Or the Worst of Times?

There are few historical periods so surrounded by myth and controversy as the Renaissance. To some, it is the greatest cultural outpouring of all of human history; to others, it represents the beginning of the long decadence of modernity.

What was the Renaissance? What does it represent, and how should we view it?

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00:00 The debate
01:40 Renaissance vitalism
3:47 Renaissance conflict with Christendom
9:44 Renaissance exceptionalism
12:51 Renaissance revolutions
18:23 The case against the Renaissance
20:42 Extremism in our time
22:36 Renaissance chiaroscuro
23:58 The Renaissance as a transitional period
25:52 The Renaissance and the problem of culture
28:04 Closing remarks

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Thoughts on culture —
Reflections on a film about the Renaissance —

Richard Storey on coorporatism:

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