Denim, Epoxy, and Bits of Wood

Making a damascus denim table from 1000 feet of fabric.
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00:00 Introduction
00:54 TRUE Damascus Denim
02:46 Cutting Patterns for Damascus
03:32 Sketchy Woodworking
04:31 Layout I Chose
05:54 Vacuum Infusion Process
06:39 Dry Run Vacuum Bag
08:17 Wood and Epoxy. And Denim
09:40 Epoxy-ing the Denim
10:11 Vacuum Bagging Setup
11:17 One of Us is Optimistic
12:35 Table Base Construction
13:15 Ikea Isn’t So Bad
14:00 Key to Perfect Cuts
15:20 Wood Glue Tip and/or Trick
16:50 De-Molding the Denim Block
18:05 Is It Gonna Work?
18:39 Epoxy Denim Through $100k Planer
19:40 Post Surfacing Work
20:50 Sealing With Epoxy
21:32 Test Finishing a Corner
22:26 Threaded Inserts
24:11 How To Get a PERFECT Fit
25:36 Four Different Edge Profiles
27:21 "Invisible Oil"
27:48 Finishing the Damascus Top
29:02 Nano Finish Application
29:36 Reveal

Author: Rich